June 18, 2015

Passing the CPA examination and becoming a certified CPA in Vancouver, WA is an incredible accomplishment. After graduation, many businesses tend to grant more interviews and jobs to CPAs who have participated in accounting internships. Hiring managers rate internships incredibly high on resumes. A good internship shows an interviewer that you’ve had actual experience with the use of accounting techniques inside an industry environment and possess firsthand knowledge to apply those skills in a CPA position.
At times, a successful internship can even lead into a job position. If you do not receive a permanent career offer after completing an accounting internship, the experience will still be an essential component to your resume, and bring you one step closer to a career as a CPA in Vancouver, WA.

An accounting internship allows management to assess your performance and decide whether to offer you a permanent position after you graduate college. Furthermore, it provides you the opportunity to obtain an understanding of what kind of work you would be performing if you decide to pursue a career as a CPA in Vancouver, WA. Many view an internship as a position where the intern is observed by the employer. However, an internship is also a way for an intern to observe a company. Interns have the chance to assess whether they would want a full-time CPA job with that company if an offer is presented.

The majority of CPAs in Vancouver, WA are employed at firms that specialize in the public sector or at a company. It is typical for both accountancy firms and companies to provide a variety of internship opportunities. Many companies are set up to offer full-time hours during the summer and half-time while interns attend classes. Internships of this nature typically go until the end of graduation. Seasonal internship opportunities with CPA firms usually expire after three months and an interview is conducted at the end which may result in a full-time offer of a CPA position. Typical accounting internship compensation is between $20 and $30 dollars an hour. Those that are part of an internships during busier tax periods and work over 40 hours a week can receive 1.5 times pay in overtime. This can equate to a very large paycheck during busy tax periods!

Try out various internships to experience the various fields of accountancy. However, be cautious of the impression you leave on the former company, because a wrong impression can be detrimental to your future career as a CPA. It is certainly worth your while to act professionally during your internship and earn first-hand experience at a well-established company. This way, you can interact and learn from the employees about how company is structured and tricks of the trade for CPAs. Remember, finding hard working and laborious partners is really important, especially if you choose to set up your own CPA firm in Vancouver, WA in the future.

Public firms typically want applicants to specify whether they want to apply for an assurance or taxation internship. For those that specialize in a taxation internship, duties include working closely with multiple companies and personal clients to assist in tax returns, IRS code research questions, and future tax planning. Auditing internships which is a subsection of taxes, expose you to various business industries and processes. For people that enjoy a diverse range of areas to work, the auditing field makes more sense. In the assurance field, you get to work with team members on testing financial statement balances and documenting those test results to form an overall opinion on the comprehensive financial statements. It is important to pick assurance or tax when applying for an internship because CPA firms need to plan accordingly for their internship teams.

An accounting internship will greatly help your chances of finding employment as a CPA in Vancouver, WA after graduation. Make sure to be proactive in finding a well-suited internship and to leave a good impression with the company or firm you are interning. A successful internship will not only provide you with the skills and experience in the accounting field, but may even lead into a full-time position as a CPA in Vancouver, WA.

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