Tax Planning

December 5, 2016

The 2016 tax year is coming to a close. Now is an excellent time to meet with your trusted advisors, Lewis Group CPAS, to do some year-end tax planning. What is tax planning you ask? Tax planning is one our favorite services. We apply our combined knowledge and experience to your current tax situation to maximize your deductions, take advantage of every available credit, and arrange your finances to reduce, postpone, or even eliminate income tax.

Do you own a business or a rental property? Are you expecting a year-end bonus? Do you have appreciated stocks to sell? Are you considering taking distributions from your retirement plan? Have you experienced significant life changes this year? Marriage? A new child? A new home? A new job? If any of these situations apply to you, tax planning with Lewis Group CPAS could make a significant difference in the amount of tax you owe when you file your 2016 tax returns.

Here is what you can bring to your tax planning appointment:

  • A copy of your most recent paystub
  • A list of any large sales or purchases made this year
  • A schedule of your business or rental income and expenses
  • Complete the attached 1,5,10 year goal planner
  • Documentation for any other significant financial or life changes

Call or email our office at 360.896.8221 or to set up an appointment. We will discuss your short and long-term goals, review your current financial position, and give you our best estimate of your tax liability for 2016.

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