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Tanya Teig - Accountant

Job Title: Accountant and Number Crunchin’ Mama

My favorite part of being an accountant is: I love helping people solve problems. I get great satisfaction when I am part of the process in coming up with solutions that make people’s lives better or less stressful. I am a social being, so combining my love of numbers and puzzles with human relationships gives me a deep sense of purpose.

Office pseudonym: The Other Tanya

On Friday I like to: Make things from scratch, from cooking, to all kinds of crafts, to fixing stuff at my house. My kids call me Mama MacGyver because I can come up with solutions to all kinds of things. Spending time with my family and friends is my absolute favorite thing.

Word for the wise: “Make the ‘Golden Rule’ your basic human characteristic and you can only become a better person during your life.”